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Learn the basics of reserve funding and begin planning for your Association’s financial future. We believe in educating and keeping our clients informed on the Reserve Study industry and its changing legislative framework. The resources below are provided to assist you in learning more about HOA and condominium reserve studies.


Reserve Study laws are continually evolving. Currently laws are state specific and vary significantly depending on the location and type of community you live in. The changing tapestry of reserve study legislation is something we have tried to address with our Law Guide. Our guide has been designed to provide a quick review of the laws across the United States.

We welcome feedback if you feel we have overlooked or misrepresented any information. Please contact us or leave a message.

Law Guide


Learn the basics. Over the years we have become accustomed to answering questions on the broad topic matter of reserve studies and reserve fund management. We’ve noticed that certain questions are raised by our clients time and time again. Our FAQ list is an attempt to answer those commonly asked questions.

We are continually updating the information to provide content that meets the changing needs of our client base. If you feel that the information doesn’t answer your question, email us or click to the left and leave us a message. We will endeavor to respond with an answer within two business days.



Our Reserve Study professionals are regularly addressing current issues in the reserve study industry. Please review our blog to gain an appreciation of issues that impact upon your homeowner (HOA) and condominium association.